What is the Difference Between a Butterfly and a Pollinator Garden?

Butterfly Gardens

The objective of a butterfly garden is to provide food and shelter for butterflies throughout their life cycle. Butterflies need a place to rest their wings and bask in the sun, a place to keep them safe from high winds and falling rain, and a place that provides food to them throughout the year. Although not as economically or environmentally significant as bees for example, butterflies still play their part in pollinating and have suffered a massive decline in population over the last 20 years (around 90%). https://www.ecolandscaping.org/11/landscaping-for-wildlife/wildlife-habitats/more-than-just-a-pollinator-garden/ ; https://gardenswithwings.com/knowledge-nook/perfect-flowers-for-butterfly-gardens

Pollinator Gardens

 A pollinator garden is planted and designed, with specific nectar and pollen producing plants, in a way that attracts pollinating insects known as pollinators. In order for a garden to be considered a pollinator garden, it should provide (but not limited to) the following:

  • Various nectar producing flowers
  • Shelter or shelter providing plants for pollinators

If pollinator habitats are not protected and new habitats are not created the lack of pollination to plants will ultimately affect humans. The main source of human nutrition, crops (e.g. vegetables and fruits) without pollination will suffer.

It's not just the crops that are in danger, 80-95% of plant species other than crops require some form of pollination.[6] Pollinator gardens are a way for these habitats to remain protected and encourage pollinators to continue pollinating plants around the world.












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